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Private Security Guard

Security Professionals

Meeting the Need

Keeping updated with the growing needs of the industry. Innovatively creating solutions that will withstand the test of time.

Redefining the Culture

Replacing the norm and moving the industry to be proactive rather than reactive. Training to raise situational awareness and implementation of preventive measures.

Structuring Successful Engagement

Helping the industry to anticipate risk and minimize its effects on our society. Fighting Cyber crime of human trafficking and learning how our enemies operate.

Planning your impulse

We must train ourselves to respond to threats instinctively. We prepare for the worse in a time of peace.


  • Join our team and earn residual income by using our banners in your social media platforms and leading professionals and companies to join our family.
  • Get paid monthly for the work you do today!
  • Create opportunities for professionals to grow and get benefits that would be difficult anywhere else.
  • Help Security Companies be a part of a network that will assist them in raising their bottom line and there company status.
  • Help Training Schools and Gun Ranges meet the needs of our industry and give our network a 10% discount


  • We are enlisting bold individuals and companies that are not comfortable by sitting on the sideline. There are those that let things happen and us that MAKE things happen!

Residual Income

Get paid monthly for the work you do today! Set a future of income streams that your children can enjoy!

Track Earnings

  • Get paid on various products and services offered to our network. See what you are building 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week!


  • Keep in tune with the latest products and services offered by SIS. Position yourself to serve this industry and get paid doing it!


  • At a glance stay in touch with your Affiliate network and net worth!


Be apart of a nationwide movement that is taking the industry by force. Raising the bar and not settling for the current status quo!


  • Earn incentives by consistently marketing benefits that are needed industry wide.

Social Media

  • We will provide you links so you can market our products and services on various platforms.

Training Schools

  • We are recruiting training schools to partner with us to offer quality training to our security professionals at a discounted rate.
  • We will bring more professionals to their facility and increase their bottom line.
  • We will keep our finger on the pulse of the industry's training needs and assist training schools in gaining the industry curriculum and materials that are in demand.

Gun Ranges

  • We are recruiting gun ranges across the nation to partner with our association. We have security professionals and companies that would like to utilize your facilities for training.

Request A Quote

Send us  a quote request to know the best offering we can give according to your security needs.

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